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Participation on DUSP Plaza is open to all members of the DUSP community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of DUSP’s affiliated programs (SPURS, CoLab, SENSEable City, TEP, CRE, and Jerusalem Fellows). If you belong to one of these groups, read the following policy statement and click “I agree to these terms” to register.

Guest accounts are granted in certain cases, especially for students from other schools and MIT departments during any semester in which they are registered for DUSP subjects. If you wish to request a guest account, or if you are a regular DUSP community member wishing assistance with registration, please contact Plaza’s Account Administrator (Sue Delaney) at plaza@mit.edu.

DUSP Plaza is our community forum for discussion of Department and wider-world topics, for announcements, and for career-related and other resources. Please keep all posts respectful in tone, in support of a collegial department atmosphere. Please use Plaza for discussion and announcements in the forums provided, reserving the departmental email lists for high-priority academic announcements. (Click here for full department communications policy.) If you have questions or comments about department communications, please see Ezra Glenn or email DUSP’s Communications Committee at dusp-cc@mit.edu. If you have questions about registration, please email plaza@mit.edu, and if you need help using the site, please check the Plaza Users’ Forum and the FAQ, and if you need additional help please email plaza@mit.edu.